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10 Tips When Planning Interior Painting in Toronto

10 Tips When Planning Interior Painting in Toronto
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September 25, 2015 - 0 comment

Nothing makes an immediate visual impact in your home faster than a nice, vibrant paint job.  Painting the interior of your home is a good way to prep it for sale or just improve the appearance as you make plans for other renovations or remodeling projects.  The Toronto housing market is typically fast moving and there are always lots of people coming and going in such a transient city, so painting your interior it is considered an inexpensive and effective way to get a leg up on the market competition.  The following tips will give you the instruction and know-how to tackle and interior paint job no matter how large or small.

The 10 Tips for Interior Painting:

  1. Lap marks – Keep that roller moving from the top of the wall to the bottom to ensure your paint job dries evenly and doesn’t leave splotchy lap marks behind.
  2. Paint mixing – Get a 5 gallon bucket and pour in a few gallons (depending on the size of your project) so that the colour comes out evenly. Your hardware store might mix you two gallons of the same paint, but minor measuring discrepancies could have them coming out looking different.  Mixing them resolves that problem.
  3. Score the tape – After you’ve applied tape and the paint to your walls, score the tape with a knife to ensure paint doesn’t come off as you peel the tape away.
  4. Trim first – Professionals like Perfect Painters will tell you that the less taping they have to do, the better, so a good rule of thumb is to paint the trim first. This way you if you get paint on the wall it won’t matter and you can just tape of the trim once later.
  5. Prime then texture – You can fix wall imperfections and prime them prior to applying texture. This will seal out porous sections you’ve fixed so they don’t absorb too much paint and appear uneven later.
  6. Clean it up – Dirty surfaces will not attract and hold paint as well as clean ones, so it is important to give your walls a little scrub and let them dry before you begin.
  7. Roll the edge – Should you use a brush in corners and next to door and window frames, it’s a good idea to go back over them with a smaller roller to even out the texture so the brushwork does not call attention to itself.
  8. Canvas the room – Drop clothes are very important because even the best painters have a few drips here and there. Canvas is better than plastic because it does not float around and doesn’t need to be taped into place.
  9. Feather the edge – When the expanse of wall or ceiling is longer than a roller full of paint will completely cover, it is best to feather the remainder and quickly cover it with a fresh roll in a crisscross pattern to prevent lap marks.
  10. Sanding the trim – This will allow you to improve the interior painting project by giving your trim a smooth and polished look, as opposed to the sometimes grainy coat one sees without sanding the porous trim work.

You should not be afraid to give an interior painting project a shot, it is not as daunting as it seems.  However if you are too intimidated , there are plenty of specialists in the Toronto area like Perfect Painters that will give your home a great new look for a reasonable price.

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