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Easy DIY Painting Projects around the House this Summer

DIY painting projects
Posted by Admin
June 16, 2016 - 0 comment

Isn’t summer the perfect time for a hobby with the entire family? And what’s more beneficial than a hobby that you could use to retrofit your home? Read on to learn about brilliant but easy DIY interior and exterior painting projects for your house this sunny season.

Personalized DIY painting enables you to be more creative and to customize the colors you want for your home. It can become an exciting activity that you can do with family or friends. It should entail a little research, proper planning and loads of creative juices.

Here are some projects you can try:

Textured Painting

Textured painting helps you boost your walls or hide faded paint or blemishes. This technique may sound complicated and expensive but may prove to be the opposite. Textured paints can be purchased from your hardware stores or you may use textured additives which can be mixed to regular wall paints. The additives allow you to control the texture whether you wish to achieve a fine, medium or coarse finish. Be reminded that while textured paint adds more character to your wall, it may also cause protrusions as it dries. It means it is harder to remove or redo so plan ahead.


A change in the color of your furniture, counter, window sill, frames and doors is actually an interesting way of modifying what your brain is accustomed to seeing or simply giving your home a color boost. Select the surface you wish to repaint.

Sand the surfaces to be painted and clean off residue with a tack cloth or a dry paint brush to free from particles that could prevent the paint from sitting directly onto the surface. Coat the surfaces with primer paint before painting the new color layer. After applying your desired color make sure to add a protective coat to lengthen the life of your repainted surfaces.


Paint patterns have become an interesting and decorative technique for painting surfaces for people who wish to portray abstract or character to their home’s interior.

There are many creative ways to achieve a pattern finish. First, decide on the concept of pattern you want for your wall. Next, make sure that the wall has been painted with a primer and another coat for the base or background color you want. The pattern’s color should be able to stand out from the base color. Geometric patterns can be made from templates while abstracts could use a stencil.

You can also use a surface with a carved negative of your pattern but make sure the material is a bit absorbent to be able to hold paint. Push the surface against the wall like a stamp and repeat at uniform intervals. A roller could also create patterns at a length equal to the diameter of your roller. Attach the pattern around the roller and roll it against the wall just like ordinary painting.


Staining is ideal for wooden furniture, fences, or decks that are subjected to all sorts of exposure to the elements that cause it to wear faster. Compared to paint, stain seeps through the gaps in the wood providing more protection against moisture seeping in. The stain finish does not hide but accentuates the beauty of your wood.

When in Doubt, Contact a Professional

Painting is a fun activity that you could use to customize and personalize your home. However, it still requires a bit of technical knowledge on materials and tools. Should you ever find yourself stuck with your painting plans, do yourself a favor and get in touch with Perfect Painter for all of your painting and home renovation needs.

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