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Add Curb Appeal To Your Home – Exterior Painting Toronto

Add curb appeal to your home
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June 26, 2015 - 0 comment

Does your home need some tender loving care to boost its curb appeal in your neighborhood? It is all in the presentation.

Or maybe you’ve neglected things for various reasons and now your house needs some fine tuning. It just doesn’t look good visually.

In reality you can have the best looking home on the block with an exterior that blends lasting character and new curb appeal. How can the average homeowner achieve that curb appeal that will set it above the rest of the neighborhood?

First, do your necessary homework, research, gain knowledge, talk to family and friends. We have that at our fingertips via the internet, or home renovation magazines, etc. There is vast information and ideas at your disposal, just use it to your advantage. The basic fundamental idea is to find an inspiration and turn it into reality.

To avoid any stress and worry, hire a professional home renovation company to execute your project. You don’t want to DIY, and then it turns out being a mess. All for naught! Simply call or google; the Perfect Renovations Group, to execute the curb appeal renewal and rejuvenation project, and in the process your house will feel like a home once again.

It is common knowledge, that in the real estate marketplace in the Greater Toronto Area, homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell if you so choose. It’s not just about replacing vinyl siding, or shingles. Essentially, it’s about the overall maintenance that will set your property above the rest of the neighborhood. Your ideas and visions can be put into motion to attain that beautiful home that you’ve always wanted and dreamed of.

The way your house looks from the street- attractively landscaped and the property is well maintained is paramount. Your home is your castle so treat it as such.

Here are but a few unique ideas to add curb appeal to your house. Once the transformation is complete, your house will feel like a home. It’s that simple!


The weather and nature’s elements can add wear and tear to your home. When things are clean they sparkle. A washing can help the overall visual presentation of your home, it will definitely stand above the rest. This can make a huge difference.


A splash of color will add a fresh and unique look to the exterior of your home. The front of your home is the first thing that catches the attention of your neighbors.

FENCE MAINTENANCE, Good fences make great neighbors!:

If your existing fence requires attention, maybe replacing old rotten boards or a new staining application will rejuvenate your bland looking fence. A fence with a garden gate to frame the yard is an asset. If your fence is still standing tall, a cleaning or staining will preserve the life of the fence. We all need our privacy and the fencing is an extension of our home.


The overall condition of your roof is one thing that neighbors will notice first. It’s all in the presentation! Adding new shingles will definitely make your house sparkle.


A well-maintained lawn and new landscaping will boost the curb appeal. Maybe you might have to start new again. Maybe replacing the old sod with new grass is necessary. You will add new visual appeal to your property.


A professional landscape technician will plant new flowers, shrubs, cedar trees to surround your home with new vibrant colors, to add that ‘wow’ factor. That hint of new color attracts and pleases the eye of your neighbors.


You can dramatically change the look of your home by:

  • Resealing cracked asphalt, if still in good condition or re-asphalt.
  • Perhaps add new patterned concrete.
  • Replacing windows with new energy efficient ones.
  • Install new shutters.
  • Replacing front doors or porch if necessary.
  • Add new landscaping features.
  • Replacing shingles, gutters or maintaining existing.

First impressions are everything!

There are more things that you can do to add that special touch or feel to your curb appeal. It is totally up to you!

Part of a curb appeal is the overall experience a neighbor, friend or the average passerby feels as they approach your home. Something that stands out for the wrong reason, the average person will just turn away in disgust and walk away with a bitter taste. The first impression should be a pleasant journey. The porch, the front door and landscaping features is what initially attracts the eye of the average person. In many respects, the more comfortable and welcoming presence as guests approach, the greater the experience and anticipation for the welcome that eagerly awaits them.

In order to add that new curb appeal to your already beautiful home, first you must look at its overall visual presentation. Take a moment to walk away from your property, turn and approach it with an eye of its current condition. At first glance, you may ask yourself; how does it really look? Is it appealing to the eye? What are the first impressions you feel as you approach the front door? Does your home need some routine maintenance or an actual intervention whereby you hire a professional renovation company? The questions seem endless and overwhelming at times. You must look at your home with a subjective point of view. Things that we think look good may be not pleasing at all. Change can definitely be a good idea.

You can improve your curb appeal, by either large or small means. Basically, if you identify a problem, but you have no solution, Perfect Painter can give you a plan to execute and upgrade the look and feel of your exterior property.

Sometimes, imagination, and simply ‘thinking out of the box’ and not money is the way to make your home stand out above the rest. In fact, we may need a helping hand to figure it all out. Perfect Painter is your one stop solution provider to add new life and character to your curb appeal.

We have all heard of the term “curb appeal” one time or another, but what does it really mean? Curb appeal simply refers to the attractiveness of the property. On a whole, it is important to know what elements to include in your homes’ curb appeal, so you can add those essential changes to your benefit. Reap the rewards.

First impressions aren’t everything! In fact they are the only thing! The perfect curb appeal can definitely go a long way.

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