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Bedroom Painting Ideas: Pick a Color that improves your Mood

Bedroom Painting Ideas: Pick a Color that improves your Mood
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February 17, 2017 - 0 comment

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be all white. Every color brings out different emotion. Choose a color that alleviates your mood and provides you comfort after a busy day. Do not forget to hire an expert painter to help you transform your bedroom into a little paradise.

Your choice of colors depends on your mood and emotions. If you are calm and composed, you will opt for shades of blue and green. If you are enthusiastic for a meet, you will choose orange. For productivity, green is the go-to color of professionals. Colors have a deep connection with our moods and emotions. If you want to change your mood, surround yourself with a color that helps you in doing so.

“Colors, like features, follow the change of emotions.” – Picasso

For the Bedroom, Pick the Color of your Choice!

If you are homeowner looking to change the shade of your bedroom, do not make a hasty decision. You do not have to use the common colors for your bedroom space. Select a color that reflects your personality and provides you a calming atmosphere after the day’s work.

  • 1. If you need a cheerful ambience at the end of the day, do not shy away from choosing a bright yellow shade for the bedroom.
  • 2. If you are painting the kids’ room, yellow or orange can be the perfect options. But, it is important to ask your children, before you make a decision.
  • 3. For a cozy bedroom space for you and your partner, a brighter color such as red or a warm brown color can be your choice.
  • 4. Blues and green are good for creating an atmosphere of tranquility in the bedroom.
  • 5. White is ideal for a soothing effect in the room. Alternatively, grey can also suit you if you are looking for a modern yet restful ambience.

Painting the Walls of the Bedroom is not the End!

If you are not sure about painting the entire room in a single color, you need not go ahead with it. Hire an expert painter. He will help you to add color to your room without actually painting the walls in one single color. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • 1. If you think that a bright color is too much for the entire room, consider an accent wall with a bright color and neutralize it with a light shade on the remaining walls.
  • 2. You can paint the wall molding in a bright color to personalize the room without taking a big risk.
  • 3. An experienced painter will be able to paint a pattern with stencils on the wall to give it a unique look.
  • 4. Modern homes have painted ceilings to create the illusion of bigger bedrooms. Consider painting stripes of two different colors on the walls. You can paint a creative motif on the ceiling and make it your perfect little paradise.

Painting a bedroom is a very personal experience. And, you need the right kind of experts to paint the bedroom in a way you want it. Hire Perfect Painters Toronto to help you with it. Our painting crew along with the professional color consultants will visit you and help you paint the bedroom beautifully.

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