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Considerations for Planning Commercial Painting Projects

Considerations For Planning Commercial Painting Projects
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September 28, 2015 - 0 comment

When you consider painting a commercial building, there are some difficult parts of the job and the average person should carefully consider their own abilities and limitations before venturing into such a project. Toronto is a bustling city with lots of large scale buildings that require work on a regular basis.

Things to consider when planning a commercial painting project might include:


Big projects require lots of materials and some of them can be dangerous to people and the Earth if not used and disposed of properly. When interviewing potential painters be sure to ask about their environmental policies and if they use low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are less noxious and hazardous to the atmosphere.


This is an important as well, because not two massive commercial projects are exactly the same, so a contractor that does not have experience with many different types of commercial painting jobs, many not have the skills or materials to perform the job to your liking. Be sure to ask for a portfolio of completed projects and look at the larger jobs to see how long they took and if the customer was happy with the outcome.


Many times large scale projects are dangerous because of the precarious positions the workers have to be in to effectively do the job. Industrial painters like Perfect Painters should be able to easily provide comprehensive certifications that allow them to work with lead-based materials, scaffolding, confined spaces and OSHA standards to name a few. Good commercial painters have all of this info readily available and if safety does not appear to be the top priority, you would do well to continue your search.


Commercial painting is no small task and many times companies that can do the job well receive awards and other accolades from local groups for maintaining safe work environments while effectively completing these mammoth undertakings. A company worth their salt should be able to brag about their achievements and provide some examples with no hesitation.

Avoid Extra Costs

One last thing to consider is the potential to incur extra costs. Most painters such as Perfect Painters will be able to provide you with a full-in quote before the job starts, but you must understand that sometimes the job becomes bigger than anticipated. For example, if lead-based paint is found after the initial consult, the cost to remove this material is greater than just a standard latex paint. Same can be said for rust or other materials that require special handling. These are all good indicators of the types of painting issues that come with commercial jobs in the Toronto area.

Hire a Contractor

There are many commercial painting contractors in the Greater Toronto Area such as Perfect Painter that can handle these large undertakings and you might do well to lean on their experience should you find yourself in need. One thing to consider if you do opt to go with a professional is their reputation. Thanks to several review websites on the Internet, you should be able to check most any legitimate painters in the area to see how well their work stacks up against the competition.

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