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Painting the Staircase: Cost-Effective Measures for Better-Looking Stairs

Painting the Staircase
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August 5, 2018 - 0 comment

Staircase painting is not limited to choosing a slip-resistant paint. If done right, staircase painting can elevate and refresh the look of the entire room. Ensure stunning results with the help of tried-and-tested staircase painting tips. And, do not forget to learn about the cost involved in giving a new look to the stairs.

From ensuring proper measurements, cutting the carpet accurately to installing it on the stairs efficiently, it can take a toll on you. Plus, cleaning the carpets is a whole another task. Why not choose painting the staircase so that you are not troubled with maintenance issues. A shiny coat of paint can do wonders for the stairs and make your room beautiful again.

Painting the Staircase: Steps to Remember

Often staircases are overlooked for renovating full-fledged rooms. But, if you want to bring together the look of your entire house, staircases can make or break the illusion, especially when they are easily visible from the foyer or the main family room. Here are a few things to keep in mind before beginning the painting project. Remember meticulous efforts and well-prepared plans guarantee incredible painting results at low cost.

Step 1: What is the Kind of Canvas?

The level of perfection depends on the canvas. So, learn the kind of surface that is available with you. If the wood underneath the old carpets is solid, you can simply paint the bare wood with a beautiful color or opt for a more natural stain to bring out the beauty of the wood. If the stairs are made up of chipboards or inferior quality of wood, do not worry. Consider painting the risers and treads with quality paint color after taking care of all the nails and staples. Working with wood can give quality results only when you understand its texture and quality. So, make sure you create a solid plan of action before spending money on the paint supplies.

Step 2: Prep Work is Necessary

When it comes to working with wood, prep work makes all the difference. Begin with cleaning the surface because staircases are notoriously dirty with all the spindles and risers. Wash every part of the canvas. If the stairs have been painted or stained in the past, you need to remove the traces of the previous coats so that the new paint adheres quickly and stays for a long time. You do not need to buy or rent a sanding machine. A 150-grit sandpaper is sufficient to remove the sheen. Use a wood-filler to fill dents in the wood caused by heels, pet claws, etc. Do not forget to use a primer so as to seal the wood and prevent unnecessary color seepage into the surface.

Step 3: Choosing the Color

Darker treads are ideal for hiding imperfections in wood. Dark colors such as black, grey and brown are more forgiving and perfect for avoiding the signs of wear and tear, dirt, dust, etc. You can compensate the darker treads with light-colored risers. Look for the surrounding for color inspiration. Make sure that the color you choose blends with the room’s existing flooring and walls. Choosing matte paint will not give you a durable result and high-gloss paint will look really shiny while showcasing all the problems with the wood. It’s best to opt for semi-gloss floor paint that can sustain high foot traffic. You can even add rubber-grit to a normal paint to make it more durable.

Step 4: Adding your Style to Stairs!

Painting the wooden stairs and risers in a color that matches your home is one way of adding colors to the staircase. But, if you want to give it a unique look at affordable price, there are other options. For painting the stairs in vivid designs, choose a suitable color for the treads, risers and trims so that you enjoy a blank canvas for your art. You can use different wallpaper designs to cover the risers or paint a scenic path, waterfall design or a floral pattern on the stairs. Many homeowners use stencils, stamps and decals to write their favorite quote on the risers. If you want to create an illusion of a stair runner, paint can help you to create the same effect. It can be a great way of adding dimension to the stairs.

How much will it Cost to paint a Stairway?

Now, as you know that every home painting project is different, the cost of adding a fresh coat of paint to the stairway will also vary from one home to another. Usually, hiring a professional painter to paint the staircase can cost you anywhere from $300-$500. Painters can charge you $15-$35 per hour depending on the expertise of the professional, level of job complexity, and the expected end result. If you are undertaking a DIY project for painting the staircase, calculate the cost of every tool and painting equipment including:

  • $15-$20 for rollers and brushes
  • $4-$15 for sandpaper
  • $5-$10 for painter’s tape
  • $15-$30 per gallon of primer
  • $10-$50 per gallon of paint
  • $20-$35 per gallon of stain (Note: Gel stains are costlier)

A DIY project may seem inexpensive in the beginning. But, cost can quickly add and if you commit any mistake while painting wood, the results can get disastrous. Hiring an expert do the job for you ensures that the staircase is painted all at once and you do not need to spend several weekends working on it. A professional painter is a boon when the stairs are in a heavy-traffic area and you need to get the work done quickly.

Are you looking to paint the staircase and renew its life? Choose Perfect Painter, Toronto’s favorite home painter to prep and paint the stairs. The expert painter can help you with all types of interior home painting projects to make sure your house looks beautiful.

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