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Decorative Painting Techniques: Don’t just Paint the Wall; Decorate it

Decorative Painting Techniques
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July 28, 2017 - 0 comment

Why succumb to boring walls? Why not decorate it with decorative painting techniques? It’s time to give a new look to your home. Do not paint your home with a single color. Add textures and layers to the walls and create a charming ambience with the help of different painting techniques.

Painting a wall doesn’t mean buying paint can and picking up a few brushes and rollers from the local home improvement store. Gone are the days when a home painting project involved giving a smooth finish to the walls. You can add texture to the walls and make them intriguing and unique.

Decorating the Wall with Different Painting Techniques

Painting a wall adds color to your home and makes it new. You can use the paint wisely and create beautiful effects, layers and textures to beautify your home. Familiarize yourself with different painting technique to create incredible effects.

  • Sizzle with Stencils

Stenciling is the ideal way of creating design on the wall. You can buy ready-to-use options available at the local home improvement store or cut your own from a cardboard sheet. The best part about using stencils is that you can use any type of color to create designs.

There are many ways to use stencils. You can use special stencil brushes or opt for stipple brushes to fill the color. If you want to give a unique dimension to the design, you can fill the edges or use more color on one side. It will create an illusion of light and reflection and give the wall a character.

  • Distressed and Dramatic

When you want to add drama to the wooden doors, windows and furniture, distressing is the best painting technique. It will allow you to give an old world charm to the wooden surfaces in the room. Once you have finished painting the surface area, you will have to use a sander to remove some of the paint. By using a hand sander, a sanding block or a piece of sand paper, work on the places that would have worn naturally over time.

Now, sanding is not the only technique for giving a distressed look to the furniture. If you have painted the cupboard previously and it has several layers of paint, you can use a paint stripper and a scrapper to remove the old paint. Remove paint layers from the edges according to your requirements and give it a distressed look. Even using petroleum jelly before applying the final coat can give the furniture a distressed effect. There are many people who use antiquing wax as well.

  • Style with Sponges and much more!

The sponging technique is very easy to follow. Start with painting a flat coat of paint on the walls. Once the first coat is dry, pour paint in a roller tray. Now, you can use any type of paint and even experiment with translucent glaze. Dip the sponge in the paint, remove excess paint and start creating a pattern on the wall.

If you are new to sponging the wall, it is best to practice first on a sheet of paper. You can use the sponge multiple times to create a customized pattern on the wall. Remember that sponging technique is all about creativity.

If you are looking for more options, consider using a crumpled piece of cloth instead of a sponge. You can even use a stippling brush and give a fine texture to the walls. When you want a wood-grain finish on the walls, you can dip the graining tool in the paint and drag it across the surface of the wall and give different effects to it.

  • Sheen Striping for a Sleek-Looking Room

When you want a sophisticated and sleek look for the room, monochromatic sheen striping can prove to be a good option for you. It involves painting vertical stripes of the same color, but different sheens on the wall. For example, you can choose eggshell finish and semi-gloss sheen of the same color for the living room. If you want to create a dramatic effect, choose flat finish with a high gloss one.

To begin with the sheen striping process, paint the entire wall surface with eggshell paint or any kind of flat finish. Once the paint is dry, use painter’s tape to mark the surface for the high-gloss paint finish. If you do not want to undergo the trouble of using two types of paint, you can use glaze for every alternate strip and create a similar effect. To create the glaze mixture, you will have to take the flat finish paint and add glazing liquid along with water to it.

  • Color Washing for that Imperfect yet Perfect Look

What is fun in perfection? Beauty lies in imperfection. If you are bored of the smooth-finish, consider color washing the walls and add a little fun to the painting project. The advantage of the technique is that you can be as random as possible. There is no need to be meticulous about the strokes.

Clean the walls and use a base color to paint the walls. You can apply two coats of paint if necessary. Now, once the paint is dry, it is time to apply the second color. Add glazing liquid to it and stir thoroughly. Start by drawing a big X on the wall. Create more X marks on the wall randomly. Stop every now and then to use a dry brush for blending all the colors. Soften the X marks on the surface of the wall. Too much use of the dry brush will fade the painting effect. So, avoid using dry brush excessively.

Painting a wall: Make it Fun

Painting a room is not limited to applying a few strokes of colors. You can add drama, sophistication and beauty by making creative use of decorative painting techniques. Let your creative juices flow and get ready to create beautiful patterns on the walls. And, if you are apprehensive about the end result, hire an experienced painter to help you. He will understand your requirements, suggest you different patterns and provide you with amazing painting results.

Why paint using one color when you can use different colors and sheens to create multiple patterns and designs on the walls? Work with Perfect Painter to paint the home of your dreams. The Toronto painter is expert at painting the interior as well as the exterior of your home. The GTA-based company is experienced in commercial painting as well. Get in touch to book an appointment today.

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