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Exterior Painting Toronto

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Exterior painting reinvents your home from boring to breathtaking in just a few days! Our talented and highly experienced home painters will enhance the curb appeal by painting walls, bricks, siding and deck to add value to your Toronto home.

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    Exterior Home Painting Service in Toronto

    Exterior Painting Toronto

    Exterior home painting is the most affordable and rapid way to add attractiveness to the exterior of your property. If you are selling your home in the near future, remember that curb appeal continues to attract prospective buyers. Exterior painting will not only increase the value of your property, it will leave you feeling confident because you’re going to love the way it looks.

    Why is Perfect Painter your Best Choice for Exterior Painting?

    Perfect Painter is the top choice for exterior home painting in the Greater Toronto Area. We give you the best possible rate. We know other places may offer lower prices but our prices are in direct correlation with the remarkable work we provide to you and your home.

    We have a long list of satisfied and happy returning customers. Aside from painting, we have a team of color consultants that will help you in choosing the best color for the exterior of your home. Also, we will share amazing exterior home painting tips with you to keep your home shining. Through siding, brick and concrete painting, we stand above the rest giving you curb appeal as well as the satisfaction of having the best house on your block.

    Total Dedication to the Exterior of your Home

    featured-houzz Exterior Home Painting Service in Toronto

    No matter the day of the week, Perfect Painter is the business of choice for exterior painting in Toronto and other parts of GTA. Our services are wide-ranging and we are particularly proud of the extensive exterior home painting options that we aim to provide.

    Not only do our painters get the job done in time and top-notch fashion, but our prices are among the best. You can be confident that we will not leave you unsatisfied.

    The steps involved in the process of exterior home painting are as follows:

    1. During the preparation step, all surfaces will be thoroughly washed, properly scraped, sanded and primed to ensure the paint goes on smoothly.

    2. Then, the paint is applied with great care and detail. We are equally careful to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for every task.

    3. Next, we clean the area and ensure the outside of your home is left neat and organized without any debris, paint chips or garbage from our work.

    4. The last step is the most important one as we want that the customer is truly content with the work. You do a final overview of the work so that we can be sure you are absolutely 100% happy with the exterior home painting job.

    Our dedication to our customers is the reason behind several happy homes. Take a look at different exterior home painting projects that we have done over the years and be a judge of our work!

    exterior-painting-1 Exterior Home Painting Service in Toronto

    Are You Replacing Old Siding? Consider Painting it

    Prior to new advancements in paint characteristics, replacement was your only option to restore siding to its original color. Replacing old siding is very expensive and it is often more cost effective to repaint it.

    Although siding painting may seem like a very straightforward process there are many factors that must be taken into consideration to get the job done right. We take care of everything including:

    1. Choosing the best paint for the siding material.
    2. Ensuring that the paint will not expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations.
    3. Choosing a paint that will withstand the harsh weather elements of Toronto.

    With our many years of experience, is it our guarantee that we take the right precautions to give you the best exterior home painting.

    Painting Bricks to make it Beautiful

    Bricks are one the most popular choices for houses and are notorious for being difficult to paint due to its porous nature. Choosing Toronto’s top rated painting company such as Perfect Painter will not only get the job done at a minimal cost but also guarantee outstanding work. We know that extensive preparation of the surface and choosing the right paint will produce long-lasting results. We understand the difference between brick painting and brick staining and we will help you to make a decision that’s beneficial for the beauty of your home.

    Painting Concrete is Specialty of Perfect Painter

    Another way to spruce up the exterior of your home is to paint the concrete. Painting the concrete is a low-cost way to add to the curb appeal of your property. Due to the nature of concrete, you’re going to want to hire the best people to do the job.

    Preparing the surface is always the first step in painting concrete: removing oil and paint, patching cracked cement, and priming are all steps that need to be addressed in order to produce the desired results of color and longevity. Don’t take your chances with inexperienced painters. With our team of experts and 1 year warranty, you will get the job you want done right, the first time.

    We are happy to provide a number of related services along with exterior painting. These include installing exterior cedar siding, repairing wood siding, stucco painting, power-wash services, window trim painting, and spray painting.

    Hire the Exterior Home Painting Experts of Toronto

    Are you in dilemma about the exterior home painting project? If you are somewhat doubtful, you should check out the many positive reviews for our business online. Certainly, what we have provided in the way of exterior painting in Toronto has given us a great deal of satisfied customers.

    Perfect Painter is happy to not only provide a wide range of services but also a lot of great deals and painting specials to choose from. Check back from time to time to see what we are offering, or reach out to us if you are curious. Perfect Painter is the ideal company for exterior painting in Toronto or anywhere else around the GTA, call us on (905) 502 0204 today.