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Fun DIY Painting Projects for Mississauga Homeowners

Fun Projects You Can Tackle
Posted by Admin
September 28, 2015 - 0 comment

When you find yourself with some extra paint lying around the house, you shouldn’t be afraid to put it to good use with a fun painting project that you can do on your own. There are many contractors in the Mississauga area that might be able do a few projects for you, but they can also recommend some projects to get your creative juices flowing.

Another suggestion is to reach to a few interior designers in the city that can help you with your plans. Painting is a nice, relaxing task that should be done with precision, but not taken too seriously. After all, if you don’t like the outcome you can always paint over it next time.

The suggestions below are general ideas of painting projects that could liven up your home in the Mississauga area.

Update the Trim

Trim can sometimes take a beating from the daily traffic in your home. Animals and children tend to scuff it and frequently dirty it up with hand-prints and dander among other things. Painting the trim is a simple task that does not require a huge commitment on your part, as the paint needed is generally a small amount and it’s probably hanging around from a previous project. Most times you can do a little along and the end result really brightens up a room that was starting to feel dull.

Texture a Wall

Texturing a wall can seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry. With a few decorative painting techniques, even a novice can add interesting features to a wall without much effort. One easy way to some personality to your walls is to paint them with a light hue and then paint over with a darker one on the same color strip. While the second, darker coat is still wet, take a straw broom and make wall-length swipes down the wall to bring the lighter shade through and create a fun, textured look.

Update your Features

These would include your cabinets, front door or even an accent wall in a room of your house. These painting projects are relatively small and can be performed over a weekend, but tend to make an immediate visual impact, and the amount paint required can usually be found already the house or purchased by the quart instead of the gallon.

Pick a Pattern

There are lots of different patterns and styles for updating the walls in your home, many can be done in a day or weekend and they will provide color, texture and personality to an otherwise drab room. Suggestions would include typography or vibrant stripes for a child’s room or you might choose an abstract painting style for a more sophisticated look in a guest room or dining area.

All of these suggestions for a quick painting project in the Mississauga area can be done in a day’s time and will provide an immediate visual impact, generally with leftover supplies you have lying around your home. Creating a stencil for patterns can be as easy as watching a tutorial on YouTube and if you feeling your creative side trying to break out do not be afraid to have fun with one of these projects.

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