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Guide To Perfect Painting Finish in Toronto

Guide To Perfect Painting Finish in Toronto
Posted by Admin
September 25, 2015 - 0 comment

It has been said that anyone can paint a wall and on a basic level that would be a true statement. Painting it with a smooth and flawless finish requires quite a bit more skill however. The techniques needed to pull off that flawless look require practice and repetition, and the fact is a “weekend warrior” may not have the experience to give the job a professional finish. It is highly recommended that a homeowner concerned with producing the best finish possible do some research on how to lay groundwork for their painting project.

Experienced DIYers will heed this advice, but first timers that find the task to be too daunting should consider hiring a professional in the Toronto area like Perfect Painter that can come in and give you the finish you want without creating a mess or compromising your entire weekend. The pros have literally thousands of jobs on their resumes and understand the finer details involved with painting trim, baseboards, windows and doorways.

Adventurous folks with a budget that might not accommodate a professional will generally still plan to do the job on their own – which can be rewarding – but they must approach it with patience and a willingness take the job slowly. For those individuals the steps below will give you a better idea of the process from start to that perfect finish:

Sample Size

The small, sample tabs you get at the paint store will not give you a good representation of the colors you’re considering with regard to your furniture, light and the floor covering. A good idea is to get a sample jar and actually paint a piece of cardboard or foam that you can prop against a wall and look at for a few days.


Using a tape measure to calculate the square footage you intend to paint will help you avoid buying more paint than you actually need.

Quality Products

It is a proven fact that professionals like Perfect Painters in the Toronto area use premium paint because it has the best mix of pigment to resin and does the best job at providing a complete coat. Applying the second coat will protect the wall and ensure your finish looks professional.


Hang thick plastic sheeting to prevent the spread of dust during your project and thoroughly wipe down all walls before beginning – paint does not stick to dirty walls as well.


It is important to invest in a good brush, as it will hold and release paint more effectively which will speed up the work and leave less streaking.

Painter’s Tape

Using painter’s tape will ensure that your lines are clean and straight. There are professionals that do not use it, but due to their vast experience it is not necessary. Any novice should take advantage of painter’s tape.

These painting tips will serve as a good guideline to collect the tools for a good looking interior paint job. In the Toronto area there are the best painters that can do the work for you, but there is something deeply satisfying about enjoying the look of your own handiwork. Should the job prove to be too large for you, companies like Perfect Painters can come in and quote a reasonable price for the job.

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