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Deciding on the right colors for the bathroom can become a real challenge for you. You need to choose a color that matches the fixtures and creates an illusion of space. Learn how to make a bathroom painting project successful by making the right color choices.

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Choosing the Right Bathroom Painting Colors

Decorating a bathroom can be a real challenge. You need to make a space that is sometimes quite small, appear welcoming, inviting, clean, and original. Do you make a bold statement with a lot of personality, or do you choose more relaxing and understated colors? When painting in Mississauga, our team has found the following tips to be helpful for homeowners selecting bathroom paint colors.

Coordinating with Fixtures and Flooring

Unless you are building or completely remodeling the entire bathroom, there are likely elements that are going to remain constant. This might include a tub, vanity, shower, cabinets, flooring, and other design elements that are not going to change. You can take inspiration from these factors to choose a complimentary paint color.

For example, if you have marble tile on your floor, tub, and/or shower, you can try to match your wall colors to the accent colors that is marbled throughout the tile to tie the two together. Many bathroom fixtures are made from white porcelain; a bold, bright paint color can make for a great backdrop, allowing these items to stand out visually.

Test the colors with Your Bathroom Lighting

Many bathrooms do not have windows; they rely on artificial light. Different levels of artificial light can significantly change the look of a paint color. A color that you love on a sample might look completely different on the walls of your bathroom.

To avoid this problem, test your colors before you hire a Mississauga painting company to complete the entire project. You can paint a small section of a wall in an inconspicuous place or paint and hang a poster board on the wall. This will not only allow you to see how the color looks in your lighting, but you can leave it up for a few days and simply see how you feel being greeted by that color every time you visit your bathroom.

Keeping the Bathroom Spacious and Open

Of course, you do not want to choose a bathroom color that is going to make a small room look and feel even smaller. Darker paint color tend to have this effect. For this reason, many homeowners choose lighter color that will open the room more, such as pastels, beige, tan, and shades of white. Darker, richer colors are more successful in bathrooms that have a lot of contrasting, lighter colors covering the walls. Another solution is to vary the shades of colors in the bathroom, only using the darker shades to accent the lighter shades; this can add depth to the room.

Get Professional Help from Painters in Mississauga

At Perfect Painters in Mississauga, we appreciate that selecting bathroom painting colors can be a very overwhelming and frustrating process. Because we have painted many bathrooms, we have a strong idea of which colors work and which are problematic. We invite you to contact our offices to receive more information about painting products that work best in bathroom. You can also request a free quote for professional bathroom painting services.