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Ready to paint the kitchen? Do not worry about choosing the color. We have got your back. Whether you are looking for traditional colors or interested in bold, dark shades for the kitchen, find the complete list of top shades here. Let’s choose paint colors that will brighten up the kitchen space and inspire your family to spend more time together.

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    What Are the Best Kitchen Paint Colors?

    Kitchen Paint Colors

    In many homes, the kitchen becomes a natural place for everyone to gather. It is where families go to prepare and enjoy meals, have coffee before heading to work, or otherwise gather around to enjoy snacks, drinks, and conversation. It can be understandably difficult to choose the best paint colors for this very important room in the home.

    At Perfect Painters in Mississauga, we have assisted many homeowners with this very issue, and we have recommendations to help you choose the color that is best for your kitchen.


    Bright, light, and airy colors are very popular in kitchens. As mentioned, this is often a room where you want to entertain and welcome, so there should be colors that encourage socialization, energy, happiness, and warmth. This might be a bright sunny yellow or a vibrant, burnt orange. Be sure to choose a color that you know will personally make you happy day after day.


    Some homeowners like to go the exact opposite direction with their kitchen paint colors schemes. They choose very dark paint colors for this room. This creates a very modern, contemporary, and elegant look for the room. This type of paint for kitchens works best when paired with stainless steel or other modern appliances to complete the sleek and sophisticated design scheme. The dark colors can become overwhelming, however, and might best used as an accent color that is paired with white or another lighter color.


    Blue is another great and popular color for painting kitchens. This color is ideal if you want to create a very calming and peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen. You can complete a relaxing beach theme with a lighter blue or make the kitchen more modern with a bolder, richer shade of blue.


    When you look into trends and ideas for kitchen painting in Mississauga, you will likely find many kitchens painted in shades of green. This color also gives the kitchen a more open and relaxing feel, as it provides a connection to nature.


    Many homeowners are enjoying painting their kitchens in varying shades of grey. By coordinating darker grey in the cabinets and trim with lighter grey on the walls, depth is created in the kitchen, allowing for very interesting visual effects. This also creates a great neutral foundation to allow other decorations and fixtures pop.

    Use Your Imagination and Test colors

    Let your personality shine in your kitchen and do not be afraid to experiment with colors you love. You can test these colors on inconspicuous areas in the kitchen or on poster boards. Once you have found the colors that you love, you can enlist the help of professional painters in Mississauga to complete the entire room.

    Getting Painting Help from Perfect Painters in Mississauga

    Whether or not you have chosen the colors you want for your kitchen, you can receive help from Perfect Painters. We provide the best house painting services in Mississauga, and can provide you with a free quote for your project. Our team can also provide you with assistance when choosing colors and types of paint that will work for your kitchen. We have completed many of these projects in the past and can provide recommendations based on previous successful kitchens.