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Interior Color Trends for 2016

Interior Colour Trends 2016
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June 17, 2016 - 0 comment

Many websites debate over which color is the color of the year for 2016. Who can say that one color is superior over others when it comes to personal style? All colors are capable of bringing out the best in any interior as long as it is layered with other shades that complement each other.

Benjamin Moore has chosen white as the color of the year for 2016.White is the perfect backdrop to showcase your decorating skills as you can use any hue to accent or create an elegant monochrome scheme.

Pant one, the global color authority has chosen for the first time 2 colors as the color of the year for 2016. Rose Quartz, a warm rose tone paired with Serenity, a cooler blue when paired together will create a “calm and relaxing “atmosphere while bringing peace, wellness and balance, according to the world’s leading color experts.

Black and white

White when applied to a dominant wall inside your home adds so much brightness to a room. A creative way to give more emphasis to a white wall is to make a cut along angles and edges using a dark color such as black or gray. Accent the room further with objects with high intensity colors to serve as contrast to the black and white landscape.

Natural and Rustic

Wooden surfaces look their best when properly stained. It is important to keep the texture of the wood as this holds much of the natural look. It is also recommended to vary with different types of wood that have different grains and texture. Keep wood properly protected to extend its life. A good shade of stain would be one that will result into a darker color when cured. To highlight the natural ambiance of the wood, paint the dominant walls with off-white paint to serve as a natural backdrop.

Terracotta Colors

With a little touch of playfulness and creativity, you can actually achieve a brilliant look for the interior of your home using orange, tangerine and terracotta. While these colors can be considered quite challenging shades they add character and a cheery feel to a kitchen or bedroom. White blanks could be painted over dominant walls or shelves and cabinets alongside any shade of orange that fits your taste and décor. This color can be complemented with the same shades for draperies, linens, or rugs for your bedroom, or mats, counters, and racks for your kitchen space.

Bright and Bold

Living spaces and rooms can be accented with bold touches depending on the color you wish to dominate. Bold blue hues are quite easy to arrange and add depth and and a calming effect like a beautiful blue sky. Green shades are refreshing and bring that natural outdoorsy inspired appeal. Pastel shades create a youthful aura and would playfully fit into bedrooms.

Metallic Appeal

Metallic colors adds a hint of royalty to your interior design. Dominant white surfaces pair splendidly with metallic accents, such as handles, and minor surfaces. A good experiment would be to mix up different metals such as silver, chrome, copper, gold, and rose gold to provide a variety of shimmer. Metallic colors and accents will continue to be trendy options creating style mixed with elegance.

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