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Magical Magnetic Paint: Ditch the Boring Walls; attract Creativity

Magical Magnetic Paint for Walls
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June 8, 2017 - 0 comment

Do you like to change the settings of the frames, pictures and wall-arts frequently? It is best that you use magnetic paint for the accent wall. It will provide you flexibility and allow you to change display every now and then. But, not every magnetic paint project is successful. For a magical painting result, you need to follow the instructions and take care of several things.

Paint is a change that unlocks new value!

You know the power of paint. It can transform a home and make it beautiful. Everyone around you has beautifully-painted homes and properties. Is there anything to differentiate your home from others? How to attract creativity and create stunning painting results? If you are looking for an innovative way to make your home unique, you can consider magnetic paint.

Even though you can use your refrigerator as a place for sticking your grocery list, recipes and kid’s art, there is certainly no harm in having a dedicated space for all the knick-knacks. You can decorate a wall with beautiful frames. Magnetic paint guarantees a creative display of your favorite things and makes your living space magical.

Magnetic paint is nothing but a paint primer with tiny iron particles. When you use it on a surface of your choice, it will result in a dark layer of primer that attracts magnets. Once the primer is dry, you can cover it with paint. Behold! Your magnetic wall is ready.

Does Magnetic Paint work well?

The thing about magnetic paint primer is that it works well, only if you follow the application process with certainty. The process may be similar to applying other types of paint but there are a few things that you should not miss. Here are a few tips to create magic with magnetic paint:

  • Paint Shopping Tips

If you visit a local home improvement store or shop online, you will find plenty of paint options. Magna Magic Magnetic Receptive Wall Paint and Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer Paint are few of the most common brands for magnetic paint. To ensure better magnetic strength, you will have to apply several coats of the magnetic primer, so make sure that you buy enough quantity. Remember that magnetic paint is just a type of primer. And, you will require the usual non-magnetic paint for a finished look. You will also have to buy foam brushes to ensure a smooth paint finish.

  • Not all Magnets work

Magnetic paint is no steel. So, before you go all out, it is essential to understand the final outcome of the painting project. The magnetic force of the paint will not be as strong as metal. But, you can still get satisfactory result with the right magnets. Not all magnets work on the paint. So, shop for magnets that are strong but not very heavy. You can consider poly-magnets because they are strong enough to hold a large picture frame.

If you are interested in painting a small area with magnetic paint in the children’s room, do not worry. Magnetic paint shows great result with rubber-sheet type magnets. Also, it will be strong enough for your kids to play with magnetic numbers and alphabets easily.

  • There is no Time to waste

Magnetic paint is thick in consistency because of the iron particles. You will have to stir the paint can properly and apply the paint quickly so that the particles do not settle at the bottom. It will guarantee even finish. Once the magnetic paint dries completely, check if the paint is strong enough to hold magnets. If it is not strong to hold the frames and other artwork, apply additional coats.

If you are sure that the magnetic paint is as strong as you require it to be, you can use grit sandpaper to smoother the surface. The more you sand the painted surface, the less will be its magnetic force. And, you will be adding additional top coat of paint, so make sure that you do not overdo with the sanding process.

You can avoid the sanding process with a technique called ‘feathering’. To feather the newly painted surface, make use of a dry foam brush. Drag it in one direction to create an even finish.

Let the Magic Begin!

Once the paint is completely cured, you can start decorating it. Let your creative juices flow and get ready to give a quick makeover to your home. The best thing about magnetic paint is that you do not have drill holes in the walls. It provides you with flexibility to change the layout of the frames and pictures as and when you want. When it is about creating unique and customized living spaces, magnetic paint proves to be a truly magical solution. So, use it, and let the magic begin!

Applying magnetic paint can be tricky. Let Toronto’s best house painters work their magic. Perfect Painter guarantees beautiful home painting results. We offer highly customized painting solutions to home owners and ensure stunning interior house painting results.

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