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With high demand for home painters in Toronto, many new painting companies have come into existence. However, not every painter is certified to do the job. Understand why hiring a certified home painting company is beneficial for you. Also, learn how to get a certified, experienced and professional home painter to paint your home.

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    Working with a Certified Vs. Non Certified Painting Company

    Certified Non-Certified Painting Company

    When you are hiring painters in Toronto, you will likely find professional, commercial painters that are certified, as well as amateur or hobby painters that are not certified. While the non-certified painting companies will likely offer you lower quotes for the project, there are many benefits that come with choosing a certified painting company instead.

    Get Desired Results the First Time

    There are many requirements that a painting company must meet in order to receive certification in Ontario. When a company has certification, this automatically tells you that necessary training and other important requirements have been met and proven.

    This means that the crew will show up with the knowledge and experience needed to complete the job safely and correctly. When you work with a company that does not have certification, you are taking a gamble in regards to the training and qualifications of the painters. Serious mistakes might be made that greatly affect the end results.

    Benefit from the Best Supplies and Equipment

    Certified painting companies maintain a commitment to ongoing training and education that includes staying up to date regarding the best supplies and equipment. Choosing paints that will perform well in different environments is a complex task that requires knowledge of how different materials react to specific surfaces, temperatures, and other elements. A non-certified painting company is less likely to know about the different types of paints and how to best apply each one correctly.

    If any special equipment is needed for your project, such as a space that has difficult to access areas to be painted, there are also painting companies with crews certified to use state-of-the-art tools and devices.

    Reduce Costs Through Expertise and Efficiency

    One of the primary reasons homeowners choose non-certified painters in Toronto is because these companies often offer lower rates for services. There are many reasons, however, that a certified painting company is actually a better choice economically.

    First, experienced and well-established painting companies are often able to provide higher quality paints at affordable prices. Especially since the paints are also applied just as the manufacturers intended, the finished product lasts longer than lower quality paints non-certified painters might use.

    Certified painters also reduce costs by reducing and/or eliminating mistakes. Using skilled crews, the jobs are typically completed using fewer hours, less product, and without the need for return visits.

    Protect Yourself Against Risks

    One of the most important benefits of choosing a certified commercial painting company is that these companies protect their customers with insurance against accidents. If an accident, damage, or theft occurs on your property when using a non-certified painting company, there is a good chance you will be held liable for these costs.

    Contact Certified Painters in Toronto

    To speak to certified painters in Toronto, contact Perfect Painters. We have been providing certified painting services in this area for many years, and are happy to discuss our qualifications with you before beginning your project. You can also contact our offices to receive a free quote for services.