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Painting the Trim: Small Space; Big Impact

Trim Painting Tips
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October 17, 2017 - 0 comment

Trims seem to be a small part of a room. But, with the right colors, they can beautify your home. Learn which color options are capable of making a good impact on the entire room. Remember white is not the color choice with you. Learn how to experiment with colors.

Holiday Season is right around the Corner! And, with the Holidays, begin the family dinner, parties and get-togethers. If you want your home to look beautiful in the eyes of your guests, you need to spruce it up and give it a quick makeover. When time and money are big constraints, pick up the painting brushes. Painting your home is the most cost-effective way of giving it a new look for the Festivals. Now, if you think that paint still looks new, you can add a pop of color to the small elements of your home and bring it to life. And, what elements are we talking about?

How to paint the Trim and create a beautiful interior for your Home?

Painting the trims along with other decorative features such as crown molding, wainscoting, chair rail molding, etc. are the perfect way to accentuate the features of a room. If you are short of time, and want to add a new color to the interior of your home, painting the trim can add magic to the room and make your home visually appealing. It promises a big impact on the appearance of your home. But, before you bring out the paint cans, understand a few things about painting the trim.

White – The Classic Choice!

A plain simple molding or an ornate one, you can never go wrong with white. It gives a classic look to the room. When you have a small room with bright colors, you can create an illusion of space with white trims. It will open up the area and make the room spacious than before.

It can complement colored walls as well as white ones, and so it is one of the most popular options for several years. If you are using different colors and different textures in a room, you can choose a white trim to create harmony. If you have chosen a very bright color for walls, you can tone it down with a white trim.

Not White, still not really Bright

When want a sophisticated look for your home, you need not stick with white all the time. Choose neutral shades such as beige, ivory, grey etc. for the trim, chair rail molding and other features of a room. It will transform the look of room without being obvious about it.

If you are looking to create an old world charm in your home, neutral colors will do the work for you. But, whenever you choose a color for the trim, remember to match the underlying tones with the colors on the adjacent walls. Otherwise, the colors will not come together to create a beautiful end result.

The Natural Look

If you have wooden trim in your home, you can maintain its look by varnishing the wood. If you want to change its color, staining is a good option. Usually, experts suggest using the same shade as the flooring to maintain the look of the room. You can even choose a darker tone for the trim and panels in a large room. It will create a warm and intimate ambience, which is suitable for dining room. Select lighter tones of stain color to make the room airy.

Before you paint the entire wooden trims, make sure to test it. Sometimes, the color may look totally different on the trim. So, it is better to check first than regret later.

A Brighter You needs a Brighter Hue

Homeowners shy away from painting the entire room with bright colors because they fear that it will end up looking tacky. But, there is a solution. When you want to add bright colors to a room, painting the trim is the perfect way to add drama to any room. As the trim covers a small part of the room, you can use bright colors without any hesitation.

A brighter trim is ideal when there are other elements in the room that have a quirky look. For example, if you have a bright pink piece of furniture in the entertainment room, you can use a similar shade for the trim.

When it comes to painting the interior of any home, homeowners do not give much importance to trims and other decorative features. But, if you want to use different elements of the room and create harmony, do not ignore them. Trims can have a big impact on the look of a room. Consider the material of the trims, color of the walls and the size of the room, among other factors to make a color choice.

Whether it is painting a kitchen or giving finishing touch to the trims, Perfect Painter can help you to beautify your property. Work with the expert Toronto home painter to give a new look to your home.

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