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Small Renovations That Make a Huge Difference

Small Home Renovations That Make a Huge Difference
Posted by Admin
June 28, 2018 - 0 comment

It’s time to pay attention to over-looked spaces in your home and give them a mini makeover. Guess what? All the small home renovation projects listed here are affordable and yet they will allow you to transform your home and make it more beautiful and functional than ever!

One thing that all Canadians have in common is their love for home improvement. If you want to make sure that your house is in great shape, a home renovation project can help you in creating a little paradise of your own. But, do you have the necessary budget and time to finish a home improvement task. Do not worry if you have got restricted resources. Here is a solution for you.

Small Home Renovations that are Easy on your Wallet!

Whether you are hiring a professional home renovation contractor or undertaking a DIY project, there are a few tasks that can be finished quickly without any massive monetary spending. Let’s take a look at a few things that you can do to improve the look of your house.

  • 1. Fix the Ceiling

The most ignored part of any room is the ceiling. If the ceiling is a home for dusty cobwebs, it will ruin the look. So, make sure that you clean it regularly. Crown molding is also a great way of adding to the visual interest without spending huge amount of time or money. You can add color, trim, false beams or even opt for a coffered design to give a makeover to the ceiling.

  • 2. Attention to Walls

Painting the walls is just one way of improving its look. There are several alternatives with you. Think of wainscoting, wall panels, crown molding and trims for doors and windows to add character to your home. If you do not want to indulge in wood work, a wallpaper can be the simplest way of renovating a room. Now, you can customize the wallpaper according to your style and make it unique.

  • 3. Need for More Kitchen Storage

Whether you cook on a regular basis or you are an occasional chef, kitchen storage is essential for everyone. If there is a plain wall in the kitchen or there is space for building shelves or cabinets, go for it. You can even install a stainless-steel rail to hang pots and pans in style. If you are someone who entertains almost every weekend, why not opt for an elegant wine rack or a glass rack molding?

  • 4. A Beautiful Flooring is a Must

You may love the look of a wooden floor in your home. But, without regular maintenance and proper care, it will start looking depressingly dull. Hire a handyman to polish or paint the wooden floors and restore its beauty. If you are looking for the kids’ room, a carpet will be a perfect way of adding style and safety. Opt for quality non-absorbent carpet that will not only cushion a child’s fall but also guarantee easy cleaning.

  • 5. Declutter the Entryway

If you want to create the right first impression, start with the entryway. Often homeowners are guilty of dumping their belongings in the entryway. Give the space a functional makeover and add storage bags, hooks, baskets, wooden racks, etc. Make smart use of the closet space and buy a bench that doubles up as a shoe caddy to store footwear. You can find multiple designs for storage bench in the local home improvement or go online to make the choice.

  • 6. Opt for new Faucets in the Bathroom

Is your bathroom in good shape but you feel that it lacks sophistication? Simply change the bathroom fixtures. Voila! It will instantly upgrade the bathroom space at less cost. When it comes to buying new faucets, the sky is the limit. There are options such as widespread faucets, single-handle faucets, wall-mount faucets, etc. If you want something different, LED-faucets can be your answer. They provide illumination and add color to the bathroom.

Let your Home Shine!

Your home is your quaint little paradise amidst the bustling city. And, it deserves care every now and then. When you are looking for home renovations that do not break the bank, consider focusing on a single aspect of your living space. If you feel that the kitchen deserves attention, it is not necessary to change it completely. You can simply change the backsplash, paint the cabinet or polish the floors to make it appear fresh.

So, next time you want to spruce up your place, think of small things that can help you create big impact.

Whether it is painting a room or renovating your home, Perfect Painter does it all. Choose the reputed home painting and home renovation company in Toronto to beautify your home. Get in touch today and let’s begin to revamp your living space.

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