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Spring Home Painting Ideas for an Inexpensive Makeover

Spring Home Painting Ideas: Step into Spring with a Fresh Coat of Paint
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March 8, 2019 - 0 comment

The end of winter is near! And, the race for giving your home a makeover will begin soon. Let’s take a look at a few inexpensive spring home painting ideas. Do not forget to hire an experienced painter well in advance. It will protect you from surge pricing and ensure a successful spring home painting project.

Soon the harsh days of winter will be over and the beautiful season of cherry blossom will descend upon us! Spring signals the end of hibernation. Homeowners get busy in spring cleaning and ensuring the general upkeep of their properties. The demand for home painters rises as spring is considered one of the best times to paint properties. The mild weather conditions ensure that the paint doesn’t dry quickly and develop cracks.

Style your Home for the Spring Season

Like you, many homeowners will be interested in painting their homes and giving it a new lease of life. If you delay the painting project, the demand for home painters will rise. It means you will have to spend more money to hire a painter. And, there is a possibility that you will not be able to book an appointment for a convenient time.

It is not necessary for you to re-paint the entire property. Whether it is deck painting or painting the kids’ playroom, make a list of all the areas that require attention. Here are a few home painting ideas to nudge you in the right direction.

1. Painting the Exterior

You do not have to wait for the summer to paint the interiors. You can opt for an interior home painting project in winter. But, for giving a fresh coat of paint to the aluminum siding, the wooden porch or the front door, it is best to wait till the temperatures are warm and comfortable. If the exterior elements of the property look dull, new paint color can cast a magic spell and enhance the curb appeal. It won’t cost you a fortune. Usually, homeowners pay $2000-$3000 for painting the exterior of a 1000 square foot home.

2. A Bold Ceiling Makeover

You may not think of painting the ceiling in bright shades. You may consider a subtle shade for the ceiling (Are you thinking of eggshell or white?) that complements the surrounding. But, opt for bold colors or consider crown molding for a stunning ceiling makeover. Remember different colors and textures tie the room together and if the ceiling is bland and boring, it will not augment the beauty of your home. The cost of painting a ceiling of a 10×12 room is $200-$500.

3. A New Color for the Cabinets

A rather small yet significant painting project, cabinet painting can improve the look of the kitchen instantly. It costs in the range of $800-$1000. By changing the color of the cabinets and adding new fixtures, you will be able to elevate the kitchen space without spending a fortune. Choose colors that work well with other elements in the kitchen so as to ensure a quick and efficient painting job.

4. Plain Walls no More!

Plain walls are no conversation starters. If you are thinking of upgrading the look of the living room, you can opt for an accent wall. When it comes to a statement wall, the sky is the limit. And, it is not very expensive. Usually, half a gallon of paint is enough for creating an accent wall. Whether it is making use of decorative painting techniques or installing geometric wallpapers, an accent wall can impress your guests and make your home the talk of the town.

5. A Fresh, New Bathroom Paint

A high ROI painting project involves the bathroom of your home. Water and moisture can affect the integrity of the paint. You can take care of peeling paint by choosing the right paint finish for the bathroom. You will have to pay $300-$500 to paint a small bathroom. Now, painting is not the only available alternative. Many homeowners choose to install wallpaper in the powder room to give it an eclectic flavor.

6. Calming Color for the Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most private place in your home. If you are not happy with the color scheme of your sleeping area, consider a quick bedroom painting project in the range of $350-$800. Calming colors such as blue, green and brown are popular for the bedroom. But you do not have to follow the trend. Pick a bedroom color that improves your mood and gives you a good night’s sleep.

Ditch DIY; Hire a Home Painting Expert!

Painting a few areas of your home may seem like a simple project that doesn’t require complex tools and skills. However, the choice of a wrong color or the selection of an amateur home painter can lead to an expensive rework.

Do not assume that a spring home painting project will be expensive. The cost will depend on the number of rooms you want to paint, the expertise of the painter and the cost of raw materials. So, it is essential that you think ahead and take measured steps.

Hire an experienced home painter who offers you an affordable estimate. Working with an expert will ensure that the spring painting project is completed on time. It also means you are not busy spending the glorious sunny days sweating over the painting job.

Ensure a successful spring home painting project by hiring an expert home painter in Toronto. Work with Perfect Painter for stunning results. Whether it is an interior home painting project or an exterior house painting job, our experienced team of painters will work hard to give you the home you desire. Contact us today.

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