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Styling Stucco – Choose between Painting and Color Coating

painting or color coating
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February 25, 2019 - 0 comment

Stucco walls are very common in Toronto. Almost all homes have stucco exterior walls that not only protect the building but also add to its aesthetic value. If you want to style the stucco walls of your home and get them ready for summer, now is the time to research and make a choice. Learn the pros and cons of painting stucco as well as color coating it.

Winter is not over! It is still chilly out there which means you are definitely not thinking about giving the exterior of your home a makeover. But, if you plan the makeover of the exterior stucco walls in advance, you will be able to finish the project early and still have time to enjoy the glorious summer days.

Stylish Stucco Makeover: Painting or Color Coating?

A wall coating used in several Toronto homes, stucco provides a rock-solid, durable and weather-resistant home exterior. It is used as a decorative material to cover less appealing surfaces such as concrete, cinder, metal, brick etc. Traditionally, stucco was made with lime, sand and water. Today, it is primarily made of Portland cement, lime and sand but it also includes several additives for improving its strength. Now, if you want to give the existing stucco a makeover and style it beautifully, you have two options:

1. Painting the Stucco Surface

Paint is made up of pigments (they provide paint its color), resins, solvents and several other additives to make it long-lasting. Majority of stucco paints are elastomeric in nature which means they are flexible. The paint can withstand temperature changes and can expand or contract without developing cracks. So, is paint the right option for stucco walls? Lets’ find out.

  • >> Elastomeric paints prevent moisture absorption and thus avoid deterioration of stucco.
  • >> Modern paint options offer increased protection against dirt, stains and other pollutants that can penetrate the stucco layer. It is long-lasting and keeps the exterior of your home in good shape.
  • >> Painting stucco is less expensive than color coating it. If you have a limited budget, you can go for the paint option.
  • >> Multiple color options make sure that you have the ability to paint the exterior stucco walls in any shade you desire.

When should you avoid painting stucco?

  • Future Work: If you want to repair the stucco layer or even add a new coat of paint in the future, you will have to completely remove the existing paint. It includes sandblasting. The process can get expensive and time-consuming.
  • Limited Time: Also, if you have recently applied the stucco layer to the exterior of your home, you will have to wait for at least a month before painting it. Thus, it can delay your project.

2. Color Coating the Stucco Walls

Color coat or fog coat is made up of white Portland cement, lime and pigments. Its primary purpose is to add a protective layer to the exterior stucco wall of your home. Color coating (also called “fogging”) works best for cement-based layers. Let’s find out the benefits of color coating stucco.

  • >> Highly durable, a properly applied color coat can last for more than a decade. Its application may be expensive but it saves money in the long run.
  • >> Color coat can be applied to the stucco surface as soon as it is cured. No need to wait for a month to finish the job.
  • >> If you choose a color coat, it is going to be thicker than the paint which means it is less likely to reveal any damage on the surface. Thus, it will keep the exterior beautiful for a long time.

Are there disadvantages to Color Coating Stucco?

Underlying Problems: The material is porous and can absorb water and dust. Thus, staining is an issue with the option of color coating.

Limited Color Options: You do not have the liberty to choose many color options. A handful of color choices are available depending on the brand you choose.

Seek Advice from Expert Home Painters

If you want to add to the curb appeal of your property, do not make a hasty decision. Starting early gives you the advantage of making a well-thought decision! You still have enough time to research and seek information from experienced home painters in your area. Get in touch with a highly recommended home painting company and discuss your budget and needs.

Perfect Painter is here to serve you! We are one of the most reliable exterior home painting specialists with a wide experience of styling stucco walls. Get in touch with Toronto’s best home painter and seek expert advice on how to begin your exterior painting project.

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