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Better Choice Between Paint And Wallpaper

Paint Vs. Wallpaper: Which is the Better Home Decorating Option?

Do you think that the walls of your home need color? Do they not match your exuberant personality? It can be super-tempting to pick up a can of paint and begin a weekend painting project. But, before you start, you have to consider the option of wallpaper as well. Make a choice after considering all the pros and cons of different alternatives.

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Benefits of Hiring a Color Consultant

Avoid Expensive Home Painting Mistakes; Hire a Professional Color Consultant

Have you tried choosing paint colors to add new life to your home? You try so hard to choose colors that will work well together, complement each other and make an impactful statement. But, the end result can become a nightmare without expert help. Learn why hiring an experienced color consultant will ensure beautiful painting…

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Hiring Painters in Toronto

Hiring Painters in Toronto: Make a Cost-Saving Decision

Do you feel unpleasant because of the way your house looks? You can paint it and make it look attractive at an affordable cost. Do not worry about the high cost of hiring an expensive painter in Toronto. Learn a few tips of finding an experienced home painting service that guarantees great painting results as well as promises great value for money.

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Mobile apps for choosing paint colors

Paint Color Apps to select the Next Color for your Home

Still on the fence about choosing a color for your next home painting project? Why not use technology to make the final decision? There is a plethora of mobile apps from your favorite paint manufacturers and home improvement stores to help you make the decision. Let’s begin exploring different mobile apps to pick the next color for your home.

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How to use Color of the Year 2018 in your Home?

Want to give a new look to your home? Why not choose the Paint Color of the Year and give your home a brand-new style? Benjamin Moore has declared Caliente AF-290 as the Color for 2018. Learn how to use the sizzling red color in your home and give it a bold makeover.

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Analogous Color Scheme

Analogous Color Scheme: Paint your Home in Harmony

Want to create a beautiful and harmonious look for your home? Why not opt for an analogous color scheme. Pick up a color wheel and choose adjacent colors to develop a balanced color palette. Learn how to make the most of an analogous color scheme for an impressive home painting project.

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