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Tips to Improve your Painting Techniques

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September 28, 2015 - 0 comment

There are a number of excellent contractors in the Toronto area and finding one to do your painting project should not be a problem at all. Good contractors such as Perfect Painter can paint anything you need from a single room or some cabinetry to the entire interior or exterior of your home.

The prices for these jobs varies a good bit and you will get good value for your money, but should you be looking to update your home on a budget, painting is definitely a task that the homeowner can do – and do well – with a bit of research and patience. The tips below will help a novice homeowner successfully paint their home and improve their painting technique as they go.

5 Painting Technique Tips

1. Pick your Paint

The biggest question is whether to go with oil or latex. Each medium has their pros and cons with latex being a fast drying and easily cleaned up choice. It is also much more environmentally friendly than oil-based paint. Although a few of the reasons people still choose oil is because a coat will last longer on your wall and it cures faster.

2. Avoid Polarizing Colors

Should you be an avid Toronto Blue Jays fan, it is perfectly acceptable to decorate your man cave with memorabilia and pennants, but painting the room in vibrant blues and reds will prove to be difficult to paint over down the road. It is always a good idea to choose colors closer to neutral than bold as those hues will require extra coats of primer to cover and the extra work and expense is not a great use of your time.

3. Primer

This is an added, but necessary expense. Priming your walls before painting will prevent bleeding and stains from coming through from previous coats. The best plan is an initial coat of primer, then a second coat mixed with the wall color you’ve selected which will ensure an even and complete top coat.

4. The “W”

This is a painting technique that many contractors use in order to give the wall a good paint covering and prevent lap marks or a splotchy outcome. The method consists of loading up your roller with paint and simply making a large “W” on the wall. Next you will crisscross the “W” with horizontal lines until it has been completely covered and this perpendicular strategy should give you the best outcome.

5. Get in the Corners

It is a good idea to use the roller to get as close to each corner and trim edge as possible in order to leave yourself as little brushwork in these areas as you can. The reason for this is that a brush stroke is noticeably different from the texture of a roller. When space is tight, use a 3” roller to provide a nice, even coat.

Get a Free Estimate

These are some basic tips and tricks to consider when considering your painting project. The Toronto market has bunches of painting contractors such as Perfect Painter that can discuss your project and provide solutions for any problems you might have on their way to quoting you an estimate if needed.

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